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Broadcast Spot for Texwood Shows 
While at The Dock Line (Creative Director), our client Texwood Shows needed a commercial that better fit their brand. As a part of their media buy with a local broadcaster they were given free production. Sadly, the spot looked as good as he paid for it. After spending time with Tony Wood, Owner of Texwood Shows, we uncovered who is core audience is and what sort of attractions at his events would bring them to the show. This spot was built in Adobe After Effects with only native effects and tools. Background Audio from and voice actor hired from Fiverr.
Tools used: AE, Audition, Premiere Pro

Multi-camera, on-location production
Over the years, I have learned to lean into one of my superpowers of helping others tell their story. Interacting with sales teams, business owners, and thought leaders who are great at what they do but often have a slight fear of speaking in front of a camera. I’m known for leading my interviewee through breathing exercises, helping them focus their story on the talking points they wanted to bring to the table. As a director/producer, I always walk away with the tape I need to help the client that hired me achieve their goals.

Tools used: AE, Audition, Premiere Pro

Native Social Media Posts for Legacy Community Health
Brian Block from the marketing department of Legacy Community Health often comes to me as his hidden production Sioux Chef, recently Brian came to me for a project they would shoot in-house but needed an extra hand in making these videos a reality. As an effort to help the community “get to know” the pharmacy staff, they shot internal videos and handed off the files for me to bring the project together.

Tools used: AE, Audition, Premiere Pro

Humanizing Medical Providers with Video Content
Helping a medical practice become the most sought after in their field via content creation and strategy. That’s what I have had the privilege to help Northwoods Urology of Texas to do over the last three years. We approached video as a means of humanizing medical care providers, allowing for their personalities to shine through while holding the line of decorum while talking about topics most won’t bring up during a typical exam.

Tools used: AE, Audition, Premiere Pro [Global Custom Commerce] Sales Leader Boards
When I was hired on at Blinds I came in as an entry level inside sales agent in their contact center. But, if I’m being honest during my interview process I saw a need they’d never hire for. It was a need that I planted seeds for during my 5+ interviews but understood that it would take time. Because of the core values that the SLT team put in place, I knew that they would be up for launching what would become my role as a experiment. The challenge from my sales manager was to create a system [which would become a system of systems – but we didn’t know that at the time] that would drive sales by displaying individuals mastery of KPIs that led to their performance based compensation.  This seemingly simple looking animation has more than 50 data hooks which would update the animation and re-render the project at a predetermined cadence.  Tools used: AE, C4D, Templater [Global Custom Commerce] The Voice of the Customer Video Wall
It is hard to tell the scale of the video wall in this video capture via my old potato of a smart phone. But, what you’re seeing are four, 75″ Commercial Samsung displays hung in portrait mode and driving by a single playback computer.  To brand this project I wanted to show a sea of social media icons to display as a pallet cleanser and reset the display.  
Tools used: AE, Trapcode Form, Zoomph and Social Studio

Audio Production

Voice Over that I produced, my own voice. 
I don’t often do my own voice overs, but here’s an example of when I do.  
Tools used: Adobe Audition, Some VST plug-ins, Music from 

My Journey as an editor

I started out editing on linear tape, I’m not sure if that makes me ‘that’ old dude, but I quickly moved to Non-linear Editing as places started bringing in that technology. My first NLE was on Avid Symphony, I later moved to Discreet Logic Edit, Combustion, and then Smoke. It was during that time that I started to read about a group in the industry who were using off the shelf hardware (that mortals could afford) and they swore by this new upstart called Adobe. I started using Adobe Premiere and begged my boss at the non-profit to invest in me to learn these new tools and to buy the Adobe Master Collection every year.  

I am always on the look out to learn new tools that will strengthen my abilities as a story teller and as I have matured I have realized that it doesn’t mater what camera it was shot on, what format or data rate was used. It’s my role as an editor to help the director tell their best story.  

After Effects Header Photo by Jacob Miller on Unsplash

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