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Was a super awesome time to hang out with the Marketing Maverick Jason Arcemont as well as Josh Reno who is the Marketing Strategist at BrightBox.  We talked about personal branding as well as a bit about my personal story on how I grew from an entry level position to doing what I am now doing at as the Digital Communications Admin.  Please tune in if you are in the Houston Area this Saturday at 4PM on AM 950 (KPRC).  Look for a podcast link to hit the blog soon after the show has aired.

######  From the official release from the show ######

Is your personal brand strong? What about your internal brand? Does your company offer employees a reason to be motivated inside the company?

The answer to these questions and more with Digital Communications Administrator this Saturday afternoon at 4 on #TheHook with Marketing Maverick Jason Arcemont on The 950 AM Radio, KPRC!

Also, if you are like me and don’t listen to much radio you can listen to it live from the 950 site.