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In posting the list of the top 3 books that shaped me, and the mission that I’m on, well there was one book that I left out. There was one book that was way too personal to post a just a small blurb about. Consider this a bonus post based on the previous post. If there is an author that I most resonate with it would have to be Seth Godin.  I first discovered his writings with the book Purple Cow, then reading Permission Marketing, and Tribes.  There are many overlapping themes of his books and at times it can seem that you are reading the sames books over and over again but slanted for different audiences. Repetition never hurts and if it was good the first time you read it reading the same information with a new light on it with new context will not kill you, in fact recommended.

I read Linchpin in a very pivotal point in my career, while at a place where I never thought that any of the concepts would ever work. Honestly I was a complete skeptic but kept reading because I had a love and trust for Seth and knew that if it wasn’t for me now it could be for me at some point soon. Looking back at how my journey at has progressed over the past three years from an entry level position sales (Design Consultant) inside of the call center (what we call our Customer Engagement Center) to now managing all of the internal communication technology spread across nearly 100 screens and two video walls I can say that I wrote my own map to the position that I am in now with the help of the senior leadership who saw the gifts and talents inside of me. As the Digital Communications Administrator, the only one doing what I am doing. I am Indispensable.


It’s been a while from when I last read this book and it is back on my reading list as of today! Over the last few weeks I have been very heads down making preparations for all of the public speaking that I have coming up over the next forty something days or so. In reading the list of quotes from the image I found on the web there are a lot of things that I know I need to go back and hear again. Just like a knife that is being used over and over again – we need to hone our skills and mindsets with things that align us toward our mission, what are you doing today to get keep you on track, accomplishing your goals, or discovering what it is that you want to do?

Please post in the comments…  I want to hear from you! Do you want to hear more about the journey I took at It seems that the posts that I do about things like this get little readership and while these posts are not going away as they are cathartic, in some odd way, I want to make sure I understand what you (yes, you reading this) wants from this blog.