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kYesterday I was a guest on Breakthrough Business Strategy Radio (#BBSradio) where I shared a super secret tip that would not be included in my Interactive Strategies 2015 talk later this month.  One of the things as a creative professional perfection is something that I struggle with – I want it to be as flawless as possible before someone see my work.  On of the most surprising things that I have learned while I have been working at is the agile process used in business projects and its goal of launching a MVP (minimally viable product) that satisfies the acceptance criteria of the story (task).  What this has forced me to do is to really focus on excellence rather than perfection, while this has been as process that I’m still working on I can say that it has fueled the ability to make sure that what I ship hits the over all goal for what my projects are trying to accomplish.

Excellence is not the Same As Perfection

Excellence is  the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. Perfection is the condition or state of quality being as free as possible from all flaws or defects…
If you chase after perfection you will always be chasing it, if you peruse excellence you will be able to find that state of greatness that you can learn to live with.  When you wait to ship a campaign, design or idea once it is perfect – you will find that it NEVER IS perfect and therefore miss the opportunity to hit the market with your gift.

Perfection is an Asymptote

There are times that I look at the items that are on the monitors and I see all of the flaws, all of the imperfections, and all of the things I wish I had time to have gone back and made better.  Case in point was this last January when i spent countless hours fixing a visual effect shot that was 10 seconds long.  Beating myself up over it, I eventually saw the amount of time that was going in to it and chose to make it good enough to sell the effect – was it perfect, not at all — but the shot worked to the point that you didn’t notice the effect and that is what is important, I had to find what was the minimal viable product, this concept is used all of the time in software development but really needs to find its way in to the creative world.
Listen to my segment on Breakthrough Business Strategy Radio (#BBSRadio) my segment starts around 4:30

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