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The fine line of being polarizing

The art of having an opinion without being an ass... Being polarizing has the function of dividing things into sharply opposing factions, or groups, or to give polarity.  In the process of being more vocal and allowing my true, authentic self be heard I am realizing...

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Diving Into Gamification

After much reflection, I realized I hate poor implementations It was staggering the number of people who stopped me at the office and said that they had seen my last post, "Why I think I hate gamification" (please see that post if you have not read that already). What...

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Why I think I hate Gamification

Gamification... A foreword. Before we dive in, I wanted to tell you a story that came from my visit to Toronto while speaking at DSrupted (hope that the video of that will be up on the web soon). One of the other speakers held a very strong stance on 3D printing, it...

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Fun times at BlindsdotComicCon 2014

Fun Facts


Listen more than you speak

Communication is not about yelling and hoping your message is heard.  True communication comes from a place of listening and then responding.

Agile Everything

I love the principles used in agile software development so much that I strive to use them in everything I do.


Connector of Dots

Some of the most rewarding advances I have made in my career have been by connecting dots never before connected.

Years of marriage

Amazing Children


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